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People approach me with all sorts of needs and questions.

Sometimes they're lonely at the top and want someone to talk to who can relate from experience.

Sometimes they're trying to balance personal health needs against work, or are trying to earn an income without compromising their ethics and values. Sometimes they're seeking informed, objective and creative insights into their small business or community project. Sometimes they're stuck, weighing up opportunities and unsure which way to turn. Sometimes they're craving deep conversation and connection to support their resilience in life and work.


When you click on the services, you'll notice that some are priced based on a Pay What You Feel It's Worth model, allowing you to book by paying a nominal booking fee, and then after experiencing the service, top your payment up to what you feel the service was worth to YOU. This model helps to reduce barriers to access for those of least means, whilst encouraging those who can afford it to 'pay forward' to others by supporting these services beyond mere cost value. Pay What You Feel It's Worth also serves as a kind of satisfaction guarantee, encouraging you to reflect back on the experience and 'vote' with your $$$.

How Will I Avoid Insulting You and Know What Would Be Reasonable To Pay?

Each Pay What You Feel It's Worth service listing includes comparative cost suggestions to assist you in deciding how you'd like to recognise the value of what you've received, and support Vanessa's continued work. If you'd prefer to simply pay a set fee, agreed upfront, then that's fine too - just indicate this on your booking form and we'll offer a solution to suit your means.

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